Page 1                  Table of Contents

Page 2                  Welcome Letter

Page 3                  Location and Hours of Operation

Page 4                  Philosophy and Mission Statement

Page 5-12            Policies and Procedures

-         Admission/ Busing Service

-         Transportation/Closure/Cancellation Policy and Procedure

-         Arrival/Departure/Change of Information

-         Communicable Diseases/Immunization/Rest Period

-         Toys/Clothing

-         Sick Children/Medication/Dental Hygiene

-         Discipline/Child Abuse/Criminal Reference Clerk

-         Non-Authorized Pick-up/Absent/Sick Days

-         Withdrawal/Discharge

Page 13                Fire and Emergency Procedures

Page 14                Program

Page 15                Program/Activities

                              Trips/Special Visitors/Introduction to the Ojibway Language

Page 16                Centres

Page 17                Food and Nutrition

Page 18                Routines

Page 19                Responsibilities of our Parents

                              List of Items

Page 20                Registration Agreement











Dear Parents/Guardians;

Welcome to the Negaan’abik Day Care Centre!!


We understand that choosing a Centre for your child/ren is a very difficult task. There are so many important things to consider, including safety, comfort, and programming offered. We have taken great care in ensuring that our Centre provides your child/ren with stimulating, positive and caring environment for learning and play. We are a licensed facility; therefore, we follow strict regulations which ensure the safety of your child, the high quality of program content, adequate supervision, and reliable care. The environment has well-defined play areas with stimulating activities that encourage various play interactions. Research states that children need to interact with other children, at all stages of development in order to promote important social and language skills. Interactions with caregivers cannot replace interactions with peers.


We believe that a child’s development is greatly enhanced through parental involvement in their care and education. At all times, we encourage parent participation, input and feedback.


The Negaan’abik Day Care Centre’s primary goal is to help your child/ren reach their optimal level of development. Thank you for allowing our Centre to be responsible for the care and education of your child/ren.



Management and Staff of the Negaan’abik Day Care Centre














Negaan’abik Day Care Centre

48.1 Hill Street, Aundeck Omni Kaning First Nation

R.R. #1, Box 130

Little Current, Ontario

P0P 1K0

Phone: (705) 368-2196

Fax: (705) 368-1720

Supervisor:  Monica Madahbee


Our facility is licensed to accommodate:

            Toddlers (18 months – 30 months)

            Preschool (31 months – 43 months)

            Junior/Senior Kindergarten (44 months – 67 months)

            School Age (72 months – 114 months)


·         Please note that priority is given to families of the Aundeck Omni Kaning First Nation Band Members. Priority is then given to First Nations and off-reserve families, based on the needs of the Band Members of Aundeck Omni Kaning First Nation.


·         Special Needs Children can be given priority providing (2) letters of referral from medical/social specialists are received and spaces are available.




Monday - Thursday  8:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.                   Friday - 8:00a.m. – 4:30p.m.


The Centre is closed on the following dates:

-          Labour Day

-          Thanksgiving Day

-          The Centre will close for 2 weeks during the Christmas Holidays.

-          Family Day

-          Good Friday

-          Easter Monday

-          Victoria Day

-          Canada Day

-          Civic Holiday

-          2 days in August (to be determined) for preparation of the School Year

-          Days designated by A.O.K. Chief and Council – Band Holidays


Please not that the Centre will provide full day services when the Little Current Public School is closed on Professional Development days. Please give staff sufficient notice if your child will be attending on these days as there is a limited amount of spaces available. Priority will be given to those parents who required to be at work on these days.







The Negaan’abik Day Care Centre is based on the philosophy that children grow best in a secure, positive, caring, fun and stimulating environment. Our Centre encourages the young child’s active involvement through diverse learning experiences appropriate to each child’s development stage, style and preference.


Our team will teach and foster our Native heritage, in our programming and curriculum, whereby, providing a positive, healthy identity in our Native heritage. We will encourage the children to discover for themselves through concrete experiences. We feel that it is important for children to learn problem solving skills rather than “correct answers”. The children will also be encouraged and given the freedom to make choices, which will provide a strong foundation for independence, confidence and self-sufficiency to succeed on their own. We believe in the development of the whole child, emotionally, physically, socially and mentally.




The Negaan’abik Day Care Centre will provide a strong foundation for the holistic development of each unique child. The Centre will strive to achieve, foster and facilitate each child to reach their optimal level of development.




Our Centre believes that staff is important in achieving quality programming and care. We take pride in the fact that all of our teaching staff are qualified Early Childhood Educators with additional training in C.P.R. and First Aid. Staff is screened through Police services prior to joining the team.




The maximum ration of children to program staff is regulated by the Nurseries Act is:


Toddlers     5 children per 1 staff

Preschool    8 children per 1 staff

JK/SK         10 children per 1 staff











We thank you in advance for respecting our Centre’s policies and procedures. We are a licensed facility that follows strict regulations. We accommodate a regulated number of children as well as meet specific staff to children ratios. These policies are designed to help us run a quality Centre.


The regulated numbers affect staff schedules, lesson plans, our ability to accommodate other children, and the purchase of materials and groceries. Last minute modifications, discharges, and late schedules disrupt our ability to meet you and your child’s needs.




An interview will be arranged to familiarize you and your child/ren with our Centre. The Supervisor will discuss with you the information outlined in this manual and answer any questions or concerns. At that time, forms can be completed detailing health information (allergies, copy of your child’s immunization history) as well as pick-up, drop-off and emergency contacts. This information must be submitted to the appropriate Supervisor prior to your child’s start date.


The first week may be traumatic for any child; therefore, our staff encourages our parents to stay with their child/ren for a few minutes at the beginning of the day. This reassures the child/ren and minimizes fears until he/she becomes comfortable with his/her new surroundings.




The busing service will provide transportation for the Aundeck Omni Kaning Band Members. Transportation will be provided Monday-Friday, from September to June. The busing service is not available during the summer months.


Children must be 2.6 years old to ride the bus alone. Parents/Guardians with children who are younger than 2.6 years are welcome to ride the bus while accompanying their child to and from the Negaan’abik Day Care Centre. A transportation contract must be completed before the service is utilized. It is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to arrange a pick-up and drop-off schedule with the busing service. A staff member will meet the bus upon arrival. He/she will then assist the children as they walk off the bus. He/she will count the children. Once all of the children are accounted for, they will proceed into the Centre. The bus will then be permitted to leave.


The Negaan’abik Day Care Centre will endeavor to meet the transportation needs of children residing within the boundaries of the Aundeck Omni Kaning First nation in an efficient manner.






Transportation relating to busing services will be organized and delivered by the designated busing contractor for Aundeck Omni Kaning.


Bus operations must be licensed under the Public Vehicles Act and the Ontario Highway Traffic Act. The regulations with regards to transporting children impose certain duties and responsibilities on the bus company and the driver employed by the company regarding control and safety in the operation of the school buses.


All routes and stops will be established on the basis of safety, time efficiency, loading and economy. In the case where an alternate drop off point is required the parent is responsible for contacting the Day Care staff of this change.


If a parent, guardian, or designated care giver fails to be at the residence of destination, it is the responsibility of the bus driver to return the child/ren to the Negaan’abik Day Care Centre.


In the event of inclement weather the busing service may follow the decision of the school boards/ buses on Manitoulin as a quide to cancel the operation of the Negaan’abik Day Care busing service.




In the interest of safety and well being of the staff and students, the Negaan’abik Day Care Centre will be closed when weather conditions warrant such action. If the Band Office is closed due to inclement weather conditions, then, the Day Care will be closed also. The decision will be made at the discretion of the Chief and in his/her absence, the Band Manger.  In the event of a power outage, the Centre will close after 1 hour, if it has not yet been restored. The Centre will remain closed for the day.




The Supervisor will contact the bus drive and advise him/her that due to inclement weather conditions, the busing service will NOT be required for that day.


The Day Care Supervisor will make every effort for the Day Care to be open in a timely manner so the parents who choose to drive their child/ren can be accommodated. The Supervisor will adhere to teacher/child ratios. In the event where ratios are not being maintained those parents who are not working will be asked to pick up their child/ren.  In the event of closure the Supervisor will make every effort to contact parents before they attempt to drive their child/ren to the Centre.  It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to contact the Day Care Centre by phone to determine whether the Centre will remain open. This is only in the event that the Supervisor was unable to contact parents/guardians. If the Centre is remaining open, parents are urged to use their own discretion when transporting their own child/ren to and from the centre. The Day Care and Aundeck Omni Kaning Band are not liable for any incidences that may occur when personal transportation is being utilized.












Children depend on regular routines for their own sense of security. We therefore require that you establish fixed hours to pick-up and drop off your child/ren. In the morning special activities begin at 9:00a.m. Your child should arrive by this time in order to benefit fully from the program.



-         Notify the Centre by 8:00a.m. if your child will be late or not attending for the day. If a call is not received, the Day Care staff may call to check on your child.

-         For the safety of the children and bus driver, please do not park in our school bus loading zone.

-         Assist your child in the removal of their outdoor clothing.

-         Never leave your child unattended in the cloakroom, the playroom or in any other classroom at the Centre.

-         Walk you child into the playroom and indicate your child’s arrival to one of the staff members.



-         Please pick up your child/ren at or before the prearranged time as indicated in your child’s registration package. Staff is scheduled according to departure times; therefore, it is imperative that they are maintained.

-         Let staff know you are leaving with your child/ren.

-         Only contacts on your authorization list can take your child/ren.

-         Parents are asked to notify the staff if their child/ren is to be picked up later than usual.

-         If someone else is picking up your child/ren, notify the staff in order that your child/ren may be prepared.

-         It is your responsibility to dress your child at the end of each day.




It is the responsibility of the parent to inform the Centre of any changes in their address, telephone number, class schedule, and place of employment, emergency contact person, and any additional information regarding the child’s health. CHANGES MUST BE REPORTED IN WRITING. We also ask parents to inform us of any change in marital status to help us understand and accommodate any change in your child/ren’s behaviour. We ask that you do this as soon as possible in case any emergencies arise. In case of divorce or separation, if only one parent has legal custody of the child, the Centre must be given a copy of the legal agreement which specifies this arrangement. Only with this document on file can the Centre refuse to release a child into the custody of a parent.




On confirmation of communicable disease, the staff will post a notice for parents noting the disease. All communicable diseases must be reported to the Public Health Unit as required under the Public Health Act regulations.




The Day Nurseries Act requires the prior to admission; the child is to be immunized as recommended by the local medical officer. If a parent of the child objects to the immunization on religious or conscience grounds, exemptions may be granted by the Public Health Unit.


A photocopy of the child’s immunization record must be kept in the child’s file. Parents are required to inform the Supervisor in writing of all immunization updates.




The Day Nurseries Act states that a child 18 months to 44 months must have a rest period following the mid-day meal to regain his/her energies in a hectic day. Children who are over 44 months of age (as of August 31 of the year) will be provided with quiet supervised activities for the entire rest period.


The need for rest and sleep varies greatly at different ages, and even among children of the same age. The provision acknowledges that some children who are tired take a relatively long time to relax and sleep. After one hour, children who remain awake will join the other children and engage in quite supervised activities.




Children who need the comfort of a stuffed animal or blanket may bring this item for rest period.


Please discourage your child from bringing his/her toys to the Centre. This will prevent loss of damage to his/her belongings. Sometimes it is hard to share toys from home and it is even harder to play with them. THE CENTRE IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR STOLEN, BROKEN OR LOST ARTICLES.












When choosing clothing for your child to wear at the Centre, think of your child’s comfort and provide simple clothing that is free of complicated fastenings. Children are encouraged to dress and undress themselves. Think of messy art materials and other messy activities that provide clothing that is washable. Think of our playground and provide clothing that is sturdy. Think of changeable weather and the fact that it might be cool in the morning yet warm in the afternoon and vice versa. It is much easier to remove the unneeded item of clothing than to put something on if you don’t have it.


Please Note:

-          An extra set of clothes must be kept in your child’s locker at all times. It is important to label your child’s clothes. We are NOT responsible for loss or stolen items.

-          Please ensure your child has safe and comfortable shoes. Running shoes are best to avoid slipping on floors and/or climbing equipment.

-          Parents are required to supply diapers and wipes for children who are not fully toilet trained.

-          Parents will ensure that their child has appropriate outdoor clothing at all times.


If we should have a problem with lack of appropriate clothing, the parent will be contacted to rectify the problem.




In order to maintain a healthy environment, as well as ensuring the comfort of the individual, sick children cannot be accommodated at the Centre. The Day Care Nurseries Act, the Public Health Unit, limited staff, physical space and equipment do not allow us to care for a sick child. This policy is also to protect the other children from the possible spread of an illness.


The policies for the Centre are:

-          Children who become ill while at the Centre will be isolated and kept as comfortable as possible. The parent or other designated person will be notified to pick up their child as soon as possible.


Children displaying the following symptoms will be asked to stay at home or be picked up from the Centre.

-          Heavy nasal discharge

-          Diarrhea

-          Vomiting

-          Sever coughing

-          Earache

-          Headache

-          Fever (oral temperature 37.5 Degrees Celsius or 100.4 Degrees Fahrenheit)

-          Mucus discharge in the eyes

-          Unusual skin rashes.







Please Note: Children who display the following symptoms will require a doctor’s note before returning to the Centre; unusual skin rashes or spots, discharge from the eyes, severe breathing difficulty, and any other symptoms indicative of a contagious disease.


The staff will observe the children with the following symptoms and report any concerns to parents – loss of appetite, changes in behaviour, and changes in bowel movements or bladder routines.


Children who are recovering from a cold or other minor illness can be accommodated however; there can be no special provisions for remaining indoors.


Children who have been sick during the night should be kept at home (i.e. vomiting, fever, diarrhea and/or severe coughing). Chances are the children will not be able to follow the program due to fatigue. Therefore the parent will have to be contacted during the day. Children should be symptom free for 24 hours prior to returning to the Centre.


Children who are sick and on antibiotics due to illness or an infection must stay at home until the antibiotic has been administered for a full 24 hours. This is to ensure that the child will not have an allergic reaction to the antibiotic and to ensure that the symptoms of illness are minimized.


If children show symptoms of illness during the day, they are immediately isolated and a parent or guardian is contacted. In the meantime, the ill child will be given the opportunity to lie down on a cot or sit quietly with a book.




All medications must be accompanied by a written authorization form from the parent. Suntan lotion, cough drops, medicated lipsyl, etc. are considered a medication for the purpose of this policy. The day care staff is not authorized to give medication that contains narcotics of any kind. Alternate arrangement for the administration of these medications should be made if necessary.


The parent must hand-deliver the medication to a staff member, prescription, non-prescription or topical medication, in the original container or package and the parent must fill out and sign a medication form explaining the dosage, time of administration and possible side effects. The container must be labeled with the child’s name, the name of drug, and the dosage to be administered, instructions for administration, storage and date of purchase.


In the case of topical medication, the container must be clearly labeled with the child’s name and name of drug. The written instructions will be given to the educator who will then initial the form. The Supervisor will be responsible for keeping these forms on file.


If a child requires medication upon arrival, the parent is responsible for the administration of the medication.













The day care provides child-sized toothbrushes and toothpaste for the children enrolled at the Centre.





All children who are involved in discipline concern will be offered a discipline process. The discipline process will include the child be treated with fairness and respect: to be given the opportunity to share his/her side of a situation, and to be assigned consequences in a reasonable and impartial manner.


Positive reinforcement will be communicated to the child through verbal praise for a job well done, as well as through non-verbal communication such as hugs. Consistent acknowledgement of acceptable behaviours in children will send messages to the child of acceptance and self-worth.


The staff will be aware of their total play area and the moods and actions of the children in their care. Therefore, for seeing any negative action, a teacher will redirect a child into a more positive action or activity.


Spanking or other corporal punishment will not be permitted. Harsh or degrading measures of discipline will never be permitted. Time out will only be utilized as a last resort. Deprivation of a child’s basic needs will not be permitted.



-          To use any form of corporal punishment.

-          To use deliberate harsh or degrading measures that would humiliate or undermine a child.

-          To deprive a child of basic needs including food, shelter, clothing or bedding.

-          To lock or permit to be locked a door for the purpose of confining a child.





It is a legal responsibility to report any suspicion of child abuse encountered in the course of one’s professional duties. The Negaan’abik Day Care Centre follows the Bands protocol in regards to reporting child abuse. Any staff member has a legal responsibility to report any suspicions of child abuse directly to the Supervisor or his/her designate immediately. The Band Manager will be informed of the situation; if he/she is unavailable the Chief or Community Support Worker will be informed immediately. Once Band personnel have been informed, a call will be placed to the Children’s Aid Society. The Supervisor will ensure that the report is complete and properly filled out before it is inserted into the child’s file. The staff involved will be aware of the following forms; Serious Occurrence Report and the Child Abuse Reporting Form.














Criminal reference checking is a precautionary measure designed to ascertain whether employees providing direct services to children have a record of criminal convictions for those crimes which could potentially make the unsuitable for certain positions of trust. These checks will assist the Centre in attempting to ensure safety and well-being of the children in our care.


Criminal reference checks will be mandatory for all successful candidates for either full-time or part-time positions in our daycare.


A positive response does not necessarily ensure employment. The nature of all circumstances surrounding any charges and convictions will be considered. Criminal checks are only one part of the overall hiring policy. References from past employers are also considered. The Ministry requirement is only that agencies ensure checks are conducted and the check form is part of the hiring process. All hiring decisions are the responsibility of the AOK Chief and Council.




The Negaan’abik Day Care Centre cannot allow your child/ren to be picked up by individuals that are not recorded in their emergency cards. New individuals can be added to your child’s emergency card. Any new individuals that have been added to their emergency card will be asked for picture identification when picking up your child. This policy is to ensure that your child is indeed leaving the Centre with the appropriate individual.




Regular attendance is strongly encouraged to maintain your child’s enrollment at the Centre. If your child/ren  are absent for reasons other than illness (more than 15 days per month) the day care Supervisor will call the parent/guardian to discuss the reasons why the space is not being utilized on a regular basis. This may warrant a possible discharge from the Centre.





Written notice of permanent withdrawal must be given 2 weeks in advance. A permanent space cannot be guaranteed if you wish to temporarily withdraw your child from the program. This will help the Centre maintain its full capacity and educational program.




The Negaan’abik Day Care may terminate services if policies are not followed, fees are not paid (late fees), or if it is felt that the child has needs that cannot be adequately met by the Centre. Parents would be included in this process and all avenues will be explored to avert the discharge including behaviour management, room set-up, classroom limits and expectations.









In the event of emergency conditions (i.e. necessary evacuations, blizzards, etc.) parents should be prepared to pick-up their child early, or make arrangement so have someone else available. Please keep in mind that we must know who it is and the staff will require parental permission prior to releasing their child to unauthorized persons. Parents will be contacted by telephone.


All staff must know their fire drill duties and are responsible to carry them out when the alarm sounds of if fire is detected. Children participate in regular monthly fire drills and the procedures are posted in the Centre. All fire drill procedures have been approved by the AOK Fire Department.


Fire Drills


Fire Drills will be conducted on a monthly basis. The following information will be recorded: date, number of children, number of adults and the time required to evacuate the premises.


Children will be taken to our alternate shelter when required. Our alternate shelter is the Band Hall. If the Band Hall is unavailable then, our other alternate shelter is the Elder’s Centre.


Fire Emergency Procedure


1)    Staff and children are instructed on proper procedures and have practiced carrying them out.

2)    Monthly fire drills are conducted to ensure the system consistently meets the demands of the Centre.

3)    We do not stress time as a major factor of importance (within reason). We stress that everyone gets out safely and calmly.

4)    A record is kept of all fire drills and emergency evacuations.

5)    Written records of tests conducted on the fire alarm system and all tests of fire protection equipment are kept on file.

6)    The emergency number for police, fire, ambulance, and the numbers for busing service, hospital and the local medical officer of health are posted by the telephone.

7)    Children must wear shoes at all times. If the fire occurs during sleep time, the basket of children’s shoes is taken outside and shoes will be put on in a safe place.











Each day the children will participate in Circle, Creative, Outdoor play, Centre Time and a Lesson of the Day.




Each day a lesson from one of the following curriculum areas will be taught.

The schedule for the lessons is as follows:










Social Studies/ Sensory Exploration




Early Literacy/Language Skills


Our program encourages early reading and writing skills using both the whole language (visual) and phonics (auditory) approach. Children are encouraged to use the printed word in purposeful situations so children begin to recognize familiar words (story time, library centre, using print during daily routines and activities). Phonics encourages children to develop sound-letter associations and blend sounds to form words. Early writing skills are encouraged by providing children with opportunities to experiment with writing, to develop a grasp of a writing tool, to learn that we print/read from left to right, and from top to bottom, and to learn how to form letters. Listening skills, vocabulary, use of language and important language concepts are a major part of our program.




These activities will help children learn how to pattern, sequence, classify/ categorize, sort, match, and recognize numbers, count and measure.




These activities will help children develop their problem solving and thinking skills through everyday experiences (e.g. why do stars twinkle? Where does the rain come from?)


Social Studies


The staff will help children learn about the world around them. They will learn about different countries, towns and cities. This area will also teach them self-help skills such as cooking, cleaning and dressing. The children will learn about places and things that are familiar to them (e.g. camping and fishing) as well as about other major countries, what the people eat, how they live, what their national flag looks like, what kind of sports they play and what animals live there.




Music is designed to foster singing, moving, body awareness, coordination, and balance, language skills, patterning and listening.









Painting, pasting, cutting, play dough, etc. are designed to develop small muscle co-ordination (fine motor skills).


Circle Time


Activities at Circle time encourage listening, signing, sharing of information, storytelling abilities, and the use of their imaginations. It expands their knowledge of known and unknown topics as well as their language skills.


Outdoor Play


Children play outside daily (weather permitting). There is a large fenced-in area with a variety of play equipment to help your child develop his/her gross motor skills, coordination, balance as well as providing lots of fun. Please be sure to have proper outdoor clothing at the Centre each day (e.g. hats, sunscreen, outdoor shoes, snow pants, mittens and other weather appropriate apparel). Please ensure that all clothing is marked with permanent marker.


Trips/Special Visitors


Throughout the year trips are made to special places of interest (e.g. fire station, post office, grocery store, police station). A notice will be sent home in advance of the excursion detailing the destination, time and date. It will also include a permission slip which must be signed and returned. Parents are usually welcome to participate (depending on numbers). If a parent wishes to accompany his/her child they are asked to inform the staff prior to the trip. The Centre always welcomes special visitors to share information with the children. If you feel you have relevant skills to share with the children, please inform one of our staff.




The Negaan’abik Day Care Centre offers an ideal introduction to the Ojibway Language. At the beginning of each week (Monday) the children will participate in a “Smudge Ceremony”. This ceremony will take place before Circle begins. Our introduction to the Ojibway language will help children learn the everyday first words (presented in Ojibway) with the use of simple, colourful illustrations and activities. These daily activities include the sharing of information, ABC’s, calendar, language games, counting, matching, singing and dancing.
















Young children are active learners who touch, feel, experiment and create. Centres are designed to encourage children to get involved, try out ideas and explore their surroundings through play. Centres also encourage the development of pretend play. Research shows that pretend play is critical to a child’s cognitive development and provides opportunities for children to use and learn language in social situation. Appropriate pretend play is often modeled and encouraged by the caregivers.


Block Centre


The block centre will help you childe learn many important things. They will be constructing buildings that may represent the real world. It encourages an outlet for their imagination and creative minds. They will be working with others as they share ideas and cooperate on a project.


Sensory Play Centres (e.g. Sand, Water, Tissue Paper)


These centres provide children with opportunities to explore natural materials while learning about their world. It stimulates sensory awareness through tactile experiences. In these centres, children can measure water, observe things that float and sink, experiment with different tools such as sifters and funnels. It encourages the child to ask questions and seek our answers.


Library Centre


This is a comfortable place in our centre for young children to select books they want to “read”. These experiences nurture your child’s interests in books and reading.


Writing Centre


Every Preschool classroom needs a writing centre. Writing and reading develop at the same time, and each one builds on the other. As children learn to read, their awareness of print helps them to write, their ability to write improves their reading. This centre offers a variety of writing materials.


Dramatic Play Centre


Pretend play involves the use of objects to represent real and/or absent objects. Our facility provides well-defined and varied pretend/dramatic play areas (e.g. store, airplane, doctor’s office, restaurant, grocery store).








Eating is a sociable, happy part of the day. It is a time when the staff and children can talk amongst themselves in a relaxing environment. Our policy is to encourage children to try each food type, but they are never forced to eat everything on their plate. The Menu will provide a nutritious mid-day meal and a morning and afternoon snack. Parents are asked to inform the Centre if a child has any special diet restrictions or food allergies. The Centre’s Menu is posted on the parent information board.




Food is an important part of every child’s day but food is more than just something to eat. Each child will be encouraged to feed him or herself, to develop their motor and feeding skills. The pace at mealtime is leisurely. Children are encouraged to taste and enjoy meals.


Peanut Free Zone


Due to the increasing number of children of life threatening allergies to nuts and peanuts, the Negaan’abik Day Care Centre is a “Peanut Fee Environment”.


All parents are expected to co-operate with this policy.

-         Snacks from home to be served at the day care must be free of traces of nuts and/or peanuts.

-         Parents are asked not to serve nuts, peanuts or peanut butter to the child before coming to the day care. If it is necessary, please wash your child’s hands before coming to the day care.























Rest Time Routines

-          Each child will have his/her own cot with their names labeled on the cot.

-          Each child will have their own blanket, sheet (provided by the Centre) and stuffed animal (optional) from home.

-          During lunch time, cots will be put out. Each child’s blanket will be placed on the cot.

-          After lunch/washroom routine, children will go to their beds and begin their rest.

-          Children who are 44 months and over will participate in quiet activities such as puzzles, colouring, reading books, etc

-          The lights will be turned off and soothing music will be played throughout nap time.

-          Staff will help each child go to sleep, following parental suggestions (rubbing backs).

-          Blankets and sheets will be laundered every Friday following sleep time.

-          Cots will be disinfected every Friday following sleep time.

-          Cots will be stored in a designated area.


Washroom Routine


The daily schedule includes 3 washroom routines spread evenly throughout the day. The Children are encouraged to progress towards independence during the washroom routine, which includes:

-          Fixing their own clothing.

-          Flushing the toilet.

-          Washing and drying their hands.


Soap and paper towels will be provided and are accessible to all children (Toddlers will require assistance with soap).


After Lunch and Snacks, children are asked to wash their face with a face cloth.


At the end of each day, each washroom is cleaned and disinfected by the cleaning staff.


Diapering Routine


It is a parent’s responsibility to provide diapers and wipes for each change. Each child will have their own diapers/wipes stored in a bucket, with their name on it. The bucket will be stored on the shelves near the change table.


The diaper change table is disinfected between each change. Disinfectant will stay on the surface for a full 30 seconds before drying.


Hands will be washed after every change with soap and water.


The staff will make diaper changing enjoyable by talking or singing to the child while the change is taking place. Children will never be left unattended while the change is taking place.





1)    Each parent or guardian must accompany his/her child in and out of the Centre.

2)    Please be sure to check your child’s file folder on a daily basis for your child’s work, handouts and monthly calendars. These file folders will be located in the hallway. Important correspondence will be sent home with the children who are bused to and from the Centre.

3)    Please refer to the Centre’s monthly calendar on a daily basis. This will ensure that your child does not miss out on any special events.

4)    We ask that office related questions be directed to the Supervisor (change in schedules).

5)    If there is a change in transportation plans, you must contact the Centre. If your child does not arrive by bus, we will assume something went wrong. We will call you in search or your child.




Please make sure that your child has the following labeled items at the Centre.

-         Change of clothes

-         Diapers and wipes (if necessary)

-         Creams/ointments/powders (if necessary)

-         Indoor shoes

-         Blanket, etc. for sleep time (please let us know if they go home daily)

-         Proper outdoor clothing (the children go outside daily)

-         Copy of updated immunization (required before child will be admitted to Centre). Please continue to update our records as your child receives needles.

Please provide the above items in a bag/backpack. Some items may be removed by staff to place in different areas of the Centre. Staff will advise you when extra items are needed.























Mr./ Mrs./ Ms.





Herby makes application of




To attend the Negaan’abik Day Care Centre and in consideration of acceptance and enrollment of the said child agree that:


1)      Our Centre is open from 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. (4:30p.m. on Fridays)

2)      Parents accept full responsibility for transportation of the child to and from the Centre.

3)      The Centre is not responsible for lost items.

4)      Parents assume responsibility for any expense incurred at the Centre because of emergency, accident or illness of their child.

5)      Suspension of the child from the Centre for any reasonable cause may be made at any time under the direction of the person in charge.

6)      Two week notice of withdrawal must be given in writing before withdrawal of the child from the program.

7)      Pick up your child at the agreed time of 5:00p.m. (4:40p.m. on Fridays) or a LATE CHARGE of $1.00 per minute late must be paid in cash before you child returns to the Centre for care. One written warning will be given before the parent is charged.

8)      Parents will notify the Day Care by 8:00a.m. if their child is not attending or will be late.

9)      The Negaan’abik Day Care Centre will make every attempt to accommodate all children. However, the Centre will give first priority to the Aundeck Omni Kaning Band Members.

10)  The Negaan’abik Day Care Centre will contact parents/guardians regarding any emergency as soon as is practical.

11)  Parent has read, accepts and abides by all policies, rules and regulations set forth in the Registration Agreement and in the Parent Handbook.



___________________________________                          _________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature                                                      Date



__________________________________                            ________________________________________

Supervisor Signature                                                               Date